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Dalian Locomotive supplies diesel locomotives to privately-funded railway
CNR Dalian Locomotive & Rolling Stock Company Ltd recently became the first supplier for China's longest privately-funded railway.

International shipping grows in Dalian
The city of Dalian has been building itself into an international shipping center, international logistics center, and a regional finance center.

Dalian sees growth in logistics sector
The city of Dalian, in Northeast China, has become a cargo center with connections across China and overseas, as well as a logistics distribution center and has plans to cast its logistics nets far and wide to connect the globe.

Dalian getting a boost from growth in finance business
Annual growth of the amount of loans in the city of Dalian over the past four years has reached 122.8 billion yuan ($19.7 billion), an annual increase of 22.2 percent on average.

Dalian high-tech industry hits annual production of $104 b
Dalian's high-tech industry is gathering steam, reaching an annual production of 650 million yuan ($104 billion).

Backgrounder: China's high-speed rail development
BEIJING, Dec 26 (Xinhua) -- The debut of the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway on Wednesday marked another significant step in China's plan to develop a high-speed rail network.

Dalian futures market broadens horizons
China's largest futures market for agricultural goods, Dalian Commodity Exchange, said it will improve services via cooperation with international counterparts to boost its global presence.

Dalian Bonded Area holds auto component conference
A two-day promotion conference for Dalian Dongfeng-Nissan Auto Component Industrial Park concluded in Dalian Bonded Area on Dec 20.