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Proposals from new members
"Do you have any proposals? What's your focus?" These were the sorts of questions that some new young members were asking each other at a get-together just before the first session of the 12th Dalian conference.

Over 3,300 couples tie the knot in Dalian
The picture taken on Jan 4, 2013, shows couples waiting to tie the knot outside a marriage registration office in Dalian, a coastal city of Northeast China's Liaoning province.

First session of the 12th Dalian Committee of the CPPCC opens
The first session of the 12th Dalian Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) took place in Dalian.

Financial leasing JV to serve smaller firms
Shanghai Yufeng Financial Leasing Co Ltd officially began operating in the city on Thursday, marking the establishment of the largest financial leasing joint venture to be based in China.

Timeline of Wanda's expansion in cultural industry
Wanda Cultural Industry Group has been nicknamed "a flagship of China's cultural industry" since the day it was founded on Dec 1, because of its scale, assets, variety of businesses and potential.

Investment in US hits record level for Chinese
Chinese foreign direct investment in the United States hit record levels in 2012 and shows little sign of slowing, despite lingering worries among some that the inflow of Chinese money presents a growing security risk to the country.

China's futures market turnover rises 24%
Turnover on China's futures market reached 171 trillion yuan ($27.21 trillion) in 2012, an increase of 24.44 percent from a year earlier.

Dalian to launch sea sightseeing route
The port city of Dalian will launch a sea sightseeing route in April.