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Industrial growth in Jinzhou New District
Some industries in Dalian's Jinzhou New District, in Liaoning province, have developed rapidly and become an important part for its economic restructuring and growth.

China Automotive Electronics Forum in Dalian
The China (Dalian) Automotive Electronics Industrial Development Forum 2013 took place recently in Dalian, Liaoning province, as a place where participants could exchange ideas.

Guarantee enterprises cooperate to help SMEs in Dalian
The China United SME Guarantee Corp, China's leader in the guarantee business, signed a recent agreement with the Dalian Jiaying Investment & Guarantee (Group) Co to help small and mid-sized companies deal with financial difficulties.

Call to disband Dalian mounted policewomen's unit
A retired police officer suggested disbanding the female mounted police unit in Dalian, Liaoning province, China Youth Daily reported on Sunday.

Dalian Cherry Festival set to open
The Dalian International Cherry Festival will begin in the Jinzhou New District of Dalian, Liaoning province, in Northeast China, on June 9, Dalian Daily has reported, with 91 cherry orchards ready for the picking, on 3,333 hectares of ground.

Liaoning modern services in the lead
The modern service work in Liaoning province has taken the lead in China, thanks to its 2012 performance.

Dalian ranks 8th most harmonious Chinese city
The National Academy of Economic Strategy and Social Sciences Academic Press and Urban and Competitiveness Research Center, CASS jointly released the Urban Competitiveness Blue Paper 2013 on May 19.

More Chinese firms go private
Last year, at least 25 US listed companies based in China announced plans to go private through buyouts, as investors dumped shares amid regulatory investigations and short-sellers' scrutiny.