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Dalian industrial revenues up sharply in Q1
Large industrial enterprises in the city of Dalian, Liaoning province, saw steady growth in the first quarter of the year, local authorities have reported.

Dalian sees fast fixed investment growth in Q1
Fixed asset investments in the city of Dalian, Liaoning province, reached 51.27 billion yuan ($8.37 billion) in the first quarter of this year, for an astonishing growth of 24.2 percent, or 3.3 percentage points above the national average.

Glimpse of marine life at Dalian ocean parks
Visitors experience the mystery of the sea at Dalian Shengya Ocean World, in Northeast China's Liaoning province, on May 28, 2013.

Insiders doubt claimed cost of police horses
The cost of looking after horses for Dalian's mounted police revealed by the city's public security bureau has been questioned by industry insiders.

Japan-owned enterprises lead investment in new district
Japanese companies took the lead in recent foreign investment in Dalian's Jinzhou New District in Liaoning province.

Dalian mounted police unit cost revealed
The monthly cost of keeping a horse for a mounted police unit is about 2,500 yuan ($408), an officer with Dalian police told China Youth Daily.

Dalian mounted police should be unsaddled
A retired policeman in Dalian has asked local government to make public the cost of maintaining its mounted policewomen unit, suggesting that authorities disband the division.

LC project goes into operation in Dalian
A liquid crystal (LC) project with Dalian DKE Co backing went into operation in Dalian's Changxing Island Economic and Technological Development Zone, on May 25, for higher volume production of industrial LCs.