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The long history of municipal construction in Dalian combines the Chinese and Western styles, including Eastern, Western, Southern and Northern European styles.

Theme parks in Dalian are special, and visiting them is a good combination of participation and appreciation.

Dalian has many tourist destinations and the Dalian Tourism Bureau has a wealth of information for travelers at

Tianjin Pedestrian Street is the first place you should go in Dalian if you have the chance.

There are 22 regular institutions of higher learning in Dalian, and more than 200 research institutions.

Hotels with varied grades are abundant in Dalian, and they can meet many different demands from tourists.

The distance between Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport and the city center is about 10 kilometers.

Bars and Restaurants
In addition, they combine both foreign and domestic styles, forming their own distinctive blend of cuisines that is uniquely Dalian.