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Advanced equipment manufacturing industry
Currently, there are more than 600 advanced equipment manufacturing companies in the Zone.

Integrated Circuit and semiconductor industrie
At present, about 30 companies have been established in the Park, including Hualu, Daxian, Luming and Lianshun.

Biological Technology and Life Science Industrial Belt
Over 70 biological, pharmaceutical and health food companies have been established in the Belt.

Ship manufacturing
Dalian boasts the longest history of building ships for exports and one of the most important shipbuilding bases in China.

Dalian will go all out to finish the “One Ring, One Island and Four Areas” layout in tourism development in the next three years, and begin the “Two Ports and Six Centers” tourism construction.

Software rising in Dalian

Dalian wants to become China's most mature and most competitive software hub by 2012, according to a senior official with the city government.

Petrochemical industry
It is estimated that in 2010, the petrochemical industry in Dalian will become 8 times larger than it was in 2002.

New materials industry
Dalian was recognized as one of the first seven national high-tech and new material centers in June of last year by the National Development and Reform Commission.