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Dalian Martial Arts Culture Museum under construction
( Dalian News )

Construction work on the Dalian Martial Arts Culture Museum, in Fujiazhuang, of this port city in Liaoning province, commenced on Mar 1, Dalian News has just reported.

More than 400 people, including local government officials and martial arts lovers, were on hand for the groundbreaking ceremony, on Friday.

The museum is expected to cost more than 60 million yuan ($9.65 million), and will have a building area of 8,300 square meters.

It is expected to help the city's martial arts development and have a martial arts performance area.

Meanwhile, noted Chinese film director Chen Kaige is planning a play with a martial arts theme, mainly involving Taiji, for tourists. The 50-minute performance will provide an overall look at China's martial arts, with an eye on local tourism in the future.

The museum will also provide Taiji courses for local people free of charge, and lectures on martial arts for foreign Kungfu lovers.

Edited by Zhao Qian and Roger Bradshaw