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DCE chairman greets New Year
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Liu Xingqiang,chairman of Dalian Commodity Exchange (DEC), greets New Year by delivering a greeting speech. His speech is as follows:

It's time to ring out the Year of the Dragon and ring in the Year of the Snake. At the beginning of a new year, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks on behalf of the Dalian Commodity Exchange to all friends and guests, member units and investors, and leaders at all levels who care about and support the development of the Dalian futures market. I'd also like to express my sincere greetings and best wishes.

In the past year, DCE, under the guidance of the Scientific Outlook on Development, thoroughly implemented the spirit of the national financial work conference and national securities and futures regulatory work conference. Following the general principle of "seeking improvement in stability", we have made great efforts to promote market innovation and development; actively improve regulations and systems; and enhance the capability to serve agriculture, farmers, rural areas and real economy. In spite of the tremendous fluctuations in the prices of domestic and foreign agricultural products and the continuous increase in market liquidity, no systematic or regional risks occurred. The market achieved sustainable development in quantity and quality. Last year, DCE's trading volume and trading value reached 1.27 billion contracts and 66.64 trillion yuan, up 119.01 percent and 97.45 percent, respectively, over last year, hitting record highs. New varieties like coke and eggs are ready to be launched. Iron ore and lumber futures were approved to be set up as projects. Options R&D and emulation trade are also well underway, laying a solid foundation for accelerated innovation and development of the market.

2013 is the first year that the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the CPC will thoroughly be implemented. It is an important year for the accelerated reform and development of China's futures market as well. Under the correct leadership of CSRC, DCE will seize firmly this historic opportunity for reform and development; closely follow the basic requirements that futures markets should serve real economy; make great efforts to accelerate innovation in product varieties and trading instruments; and promote the building of a multi-level commodity market system to better serve agriculture, farmers, rural areas and small and micro-enterprises. We will further improve market regulation and perfect our rules and systems to ensure sound and steady market operation. We will also protect the lawful rights and interests of investors. We will take this opportunity to improve DCE's administration structure by perfecting systems and mechanisms. We will also increase market efficiency based on market-oriented requirements.

We sincerely hope that our member units and investors will continue to support our work to make more contributions to the reform and development of China's capital markets, to find innovations for Dalian's futures market, to promote real economic development, and to transform our development models.

Liu Xingqiang, Chairman of DCE