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Northeast Asia's logistic center


Northeast Asia's logistic center

Dalian will build a comprehensive logistic system, supported by other coastal ports in Liaoning province and centered on Dalian port, to improve the strategic layout of the Northeast Asia international logistic center.

To form a batch of characteristic logistic bases with large scales and reasonable layouts, putting to good use the hubs as well as promoting railway container transportations. This will reinforce and strengthen Dalian’s logistics’ strategic alliance with other major cities in Northeast China, and develop its cooperation with coastal cities in the East and Central China. It also hopes to, introduce internationally competitive modern logistic corporations, and to promote the construction of interregional logistic centers of coal business in the Northeast. It will develop TPL (Third-Part Logistics), supporting the construction of more logistic branches with extended services to help logistics enterprises make their way into the top 100 national logistic companies. In order for Dalian to become the Northeast International Logistic Center, it will seek support from relevant departments in the country on comprehensive experimental unit, projects investment, tax exemption and reduction, and favorable freight. It will uplift the logistics’ socialization through supporting industrial and commercial companies’ departing from outsourcing of logistics with favorable policies. Its goal is to improve the development environment of logistics, increase efficiency and reduce the overall cost to build it into a Northeast Asian multimodal center, supply chain management center and international logistic pivot city.