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Infrastructure: construction and planning


Infrastructure: construction and planning

Dalian will accelerate the construction of an express highway from Harbin to Dalian and build an intercity express railroad from Dalian to Dandong, thus forming an open transportation system oriented toward the Northeast and Bohai Rim. Through development of city subways, a cross-sea channel to the development zone, express railway from city center to South and North Road of Lushun, from Pulandian to Changxing Island, from Dalian to Huayuankou, Zhuanghe River and Dandong, a railway system of “One-Hour” economic zone will be formed. Dalian will accelerate the construction of a highway from Zhuanghe River to Gaizhou, from Pikou to Changxing Island, upgrade provincial main roads and countryside highways, and push forward construction of the Dalian section of the Liaoning Coastal Highway, as well as its connection with the highway transportation network. To pick up its pace to become an international airport in North China, Dalian will accelerate the phase III construction of the Zhoushuizi Airport.