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Investment costs


Human Resource

The talent pool of Dalian in 2008 reached 1.339 million, accounting for about 21.7% of the perma- nent residents in Dalian; the amount of talents with higher education and professional technical education background reached 1.2 million;the amount of senior professionals reached 52,000 and the newly cultivated talent all categories in year 2008 amounted to 87,000.

Labor Cost

In 2008, the per capita disposable income of urban Residents in Dalian reached 17,500 RMB, increasing 15.8% over the previous year. The minimum salary in Dalian is 700RMB/month and the minimum part-time hourly pay is 7 RMB. The minimum salary in Wafangdian, Pulandian and Zhuanghe is 600 RMB/month.

Labor Cost Composition of Dalian Foreign-funded Enterprise

Among the total labor cost, 49.8% goes to the labor payment; 9.1% goes to the social insurance; 41.1% goes to the employee welfare expense, labor protection expense, education expense, housing expense and other expense.

Investment costs

Required minimum ratio of social insurance and housing fund paid by the enterprise

Investment costs

Average salary level

Investment costs

Investment costs