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Business registration


Administrative jurisdiction of Registration:

Dalian Administration for Industry&Commerce is in charge of the registration and administration of foreign-invested enterprises. Dalian Development Zone Branch and Tax-Free Zone Branch conduct the preparatory examination of establishment, modification, removal registration of foreign-invested enterprises in the area under each jurisdiction. Jinzhou, Lvshun, Pulandian, Wanfangdian, Zhuanghe, Golden Pebble Beach Tourism Zone, Changhai Branches deal with the preparatory examination of establishment for foreign-invested enterprises in the area of each jurisdiction.

Time Limit for Registraton:

Legal Time Limit: 30 days for establishment, modification, removal registration Time Limit We Promise: 3 Working Days for Modification and Removal Registration, 5 Working Days for Establishment Registration

Requirements for Establishment Application:

(1)have its own name in accordance with relevant regulations;

(2)have contract and articles of association examined and approved by competent authority

(3)have a fixed place of business and necessary facilities and personnel

(4)have registered capital in accordance with relevant laws and regulations

(5) have a business scope in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and policies.

(6)Have regular and necessary accounting and financial systems, account independence, assuming sole responsibility for its profits or losses, drawing up of independent Fund Balance Sheet or Balance Sheet.

Procedures for Registration:

1. Establishment:

Documents Required:

(1)Establishment application of foreign-invested enterprise signed by chairman of the board;

(2)Proposed Name Examination&Approval Application of foreign-invested enterprise

(3)Certification for Approval transcript(1)

(4)Official Approval Document on Project and Establishment

(5)Project Proposal;

(6)Contract, articles of association, feasibility study report

(7)Copy of business license of Chinese party

(8)Financial credit documents of Chinese party

(9)Copy of business certification and financial credit documents of foreign party

(10)List of board of directors

(11)Document on directors appointed by all investors

(12)ID Certification Registration Form of domestic personnel

(13)Copy of ID certification of foreign personnel

(14)Domicile certification

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