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Architectural Culture

By the time the city of Dalian began building its infrastructure, it already had been exposed to foreign influences. As a result, this coastal village combines the rural Chinese atmosphere with a foreign flavor.European-style buildings in Dalian, including those around Zhongshan Square and Youhao Square, mirror the city’s history - a combination of cultures.

The long history of municipal construction in Dalian combines the Chinese and Western styles, including Eastern, Western, Southern and Northern European styles, classical and modern European styles, the American style, the Japanese style and the traditional Chinese style. Walking along the city’s streets, each building attracts attention for this mix of architectural styles. An example of the city’s baroque architecture is the Dalian Hotel. The Dalian Natural Museum boasts Russian-style architecture, as does the Lvshun Railway Station. Romania-style architecture is featured at Shengli Square

City Square Culture

Xinghai Square

City squares are a special feature of Dalian, providing a place to communicate and play. Many squares can be found in the city near main thoroughfares and also in residential neighborhoods. In the evening, citizens will visit the squares to listen to music, dance, walk and play. Many tourists also are attracted by this special cultural scene.

Dalian has the most squares in China, probably more than 100. The 100-year-old Youhao Square Renmin Square, Shengli Square, Zhongshan Square, Changjiang Square, Er’qi Square and Sanba Square all contribute to the landscape of the city.

The styles of these squares vary. Some are pretty, some are grand, and others are delicately designed. Many squares are equipped with music instruments. City squares enrich the culture of Dalian, and the culture of Dalian increases the charm of its city squares.

Coastal Culture

Dalian boasts 1,900 kilometers of coastline. The sea brings infinite charm to Dalian. The air is clear here, and the temperature is mild. It’s a great place for playing by the sea. Visitors can taste Dalian’s famed seafood in small restaurants, enjoy fishing contests, buy shells and listen to the sounds of the waves in the evening. Two things not to miss are a walk along Binhai Road at sunset by the sea and a swim in the ocean.

City of Garments

Dalian is a vigorous emerging garments manufacturing hub, with a history dating to the late 1970s. The Dalian International Fashion Festival is held every September, combining business, culture and tourism. The festival is a popular one in China, but there are altogether 19 festivals each year that promote the production and sales of garments in Dalian.

The garment city now has its own culture in which important characteristics are openness, innovation and compatibility. Dalian clothing has become a link between China and foreign countries. The art of making clothes is what makes the garments in Dalian unique.

Soccer City

Dalian is a city that loves soccer. Since 1994, Dalian soccer teams have won eight championships. Dalian is also called “Swimming City” and “Track and Field City”. Dalian’s Shide Football Club is one of the earliest professional soccer clubs in China. The city’s love of soccer is developing rapidly and contributing more each year to Dalian’s progressive culture.

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