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About Dalian Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau


The Dalian Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau is a comprehensive branch of Dalian municipality that deals with foreign trade and cooperation. Its major responsibilities are: Issuing the permit of quotas; examining and approving the qualification of those enterprises dealing with imports and exports; coordinating the efforts of international cargo-delivery agents in Dalian; examining and approving the qualification of cargo-delivery businesses in Dalian; studying and promoting contemporary trading approaches, such as E-commerce; advancing the development of processing trade; supporting name-brand products for export; managing those state-owned public institutions dealing with foreign trade and economic cooperation.

1. Enact laws and regulations on foreign trade and economic cooperation. Organize, draft laws and regulations concerning foreign trade and carry them out.

2. Make strategic plans for foreign trade and economic cooperation. Propose strategies beneficial to Dalian and coordinate the work of foreign trade and economic growth.

3. As for foreign trade and economic cooperation in this region, this bureau is fully in charge of the whole matter. Carrying out diversified market strategies, examining, approving and regulating various kinds of conferences, exhibitions and match-makings; and implementing the policy of bid invitation on exports quotas are the major responsibilities of this bureau.

4. Utilize foreign capital. Coordinate bidding for investment and provide hospitable service to key projects; examine and approve establishment of foreign enterprises and modification of their institutions. Supervise those corporations and manage them to follow the regulations concerned. Promote construction of investment environment.

5. Supervise technology-exchange in Dalian’s foreign economic cooperation. Enact extroversive policy, coordinate and supervise work related to project contractors, labor cooperation, exploit of natural resources and investment abroad. Examine and approve qualifications of enterprises dealing with foreign economic and technology cooperation. Coordinate and manage foreign aid projects.

6. Organize application of regulations set by World Trade Organization. Research basic requirements of W.T.O and help train and provide consultancy in terms of W.T.O. Assist appeals against dumping and subsidizing and other related appeals. Guide and extend business of international trade.

7. Supervise all work related to imports and exports in Dalian. Draft and strengthen strategies to invigorate trade through science and technology. Perfect the regulations and policies of advanced technology exports. Assist program to import technology and export of devices together with global bidding. Supervise those technologies prohibited for export, including technologies once imported from other countries. Run import and export of electromechanical devices

8. Manage Visa invitations to Dalian and treat VIP visitors hospitably. Examine and approve the establishment of companies and participate in the work of their organization. Verify those trading communities and groups.

9. Gather foreign trade statistics, publish related information and standardize foreign trade and economic development. Make full use of funds and subsidies designed to promote development of foreign trade and small and medium size companies.

10. Regulate and carry out training for all the insiders in the field of foreign trade.

11. Guide and coordinate all related associations and communities.

12. Assist other programs authorized by the municipality and higher levels of government.

Address: Foreign Trade Building, No.219, Huanghe Street, Xigang District, Dalian.

Tel: 83698000 83686336 83686736

Fax: 83686426

Post Code: 116011