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Influenced by modern and traditional styles, the entertainment options available in Dalian include theme parks and traditional folk activities. As an international metropolis, Dalian also has splendid artistic performances. In addition, playing on the beach is one of the biggest attractions in Dalian.

Swimming in the Sea

There are many beaches safe for bathing in Dalian, including Gold Coast, Star-Sea Bay Bathing Beach, Fujiazhuang Bathing Beach and others, where beachgoers swim, pick up shellfish, enjoy the sea and  the sunshine. Almost all travelers in Dalian enjoy all these activities when touring here.

Theme Parks


Theme parks in Dalian are special, and visiting them is a good combination of participation and appreciation. The following theme parks are worth visiting: Kingdom Theme Park, Laohutan Ocean Park, Shengya Ocean Park, Jinshiyuan Park and Dalian Binhai National Geology Park.

Viewing the scene while walking

Known throughout the world as a romantic city, Dalian has the most squares in China. Binhai Road, with a length of 32 kilometers, connects all the city’s scenic spots, resembling a fluttering jade belt on Dalian. Viewing the beautiful scene while walking is romantic. The best romantic squares for walking are Star-Sea Square, Zhongshan Square, People's Square, Sea Melody Square, and Dalian Binhai Road.


Hunting areas, small bore rifle shooting zones, and archery yards are offered at the Jinshi International Hunting Club, where people can hunt, shoot and enjoy other outdoor activities.

If you go hunting in spring or in autumn, you will probably hunt for pheasants, rabbits, black chickens, paozi, and goats.


Karting, as competitive sports go, is thrilling and exciting. You may go to Dishika for a try.

Folk Entertainment

Traditional and folk entertainment will add pleasure to any visit. You can choose from a wide range of special arts organizations, including the Dalian Acrobats, the Peking Opera Troupe, and the amazing Singing and Dancing Group.

Dragon Dance in Jinzhou

With a history of more than 150 years, the Jinzhou dragon dance is known throughout China. It broke the world record for longest dragon of 136.8 meters in Singapore, with a dragon 153.3 meters long, at the 4th Dalian International Clothing Fair.

Plus, there is also a symphony, ballet, folk dance, and folk arts and performances such as fashion show teams, popular singing, and an orchestra, which are shown in dining halls, dancing halls, and singing halls. Artists, singers, dancers, and conductors from art organizations from all across China and the world gather in Dalian during its major occasions, such as the Festival for Locust Trees Appreciation, and the famous International Clothing Fair.