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Accomodation in Dalian


Hotels with various grades are in abundance in Dalian, and they are able to meet the varying needs of each tourist.The standard rooms of ordinary hotels in busy seasons cost between 150 and 350 yuan, and in the off seasons range from 100 to 200 yuan. There are also low grades hotels and guest houses, which cost between 50 and 150 yuan, suitable for backpackers.

Accomodation in Dalian

It is convenient to stay at Heishijiao, Xinggong Street, Wuyi Square, the Dalian Train Station, Sanba Square, Jiefang Road, and Tiger Beach because the urban area of Dalian is not large and the inner-city transportation is very convenient. But for tourists, it is particularly convenient to stay at city centers. Dalian’s business district is near the Qingniwa Bridge (nicknamed "Jieli" or "Zhanqian") near the Dalian Railway Station. Places for catering, shopping and entertainment are plentiful there, and it is also convenient to take public buses and fast rail lines there.

Some of the tourist attractions also have hotels or vacation villages. For example, there’s the famous Gold Coast in Jinshi Beach, Vacation Area in Xianyu Bay and so on. The prices there, however, are much higher. In addition, transportation to other scenic spots is inconvenient.


Though Dalian is surrounded by sea, there are not many hotels in the city with a view of the ocean. Some only have a view of the shore or parts of the shore. Because of this, tourists who wish to stay somewhere with an ocean view must make this clear as they make their reservations. Otherwise, they will be disappointed.

Do not believe those who offer hotels and other services to you on the street. They generally offer bad hotels with high prices, and worse still, they may force tourists to join low-quality touring groups.

Five-Star Hotels are:

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International Convention Centre&Resort Golden Pebble Beach,Dalian

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