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Transport in Dalian



Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport has direct flights to Japan, Korea, Russia, and transfer flights to Europe, America, and Australia via Beijing and Shanghai. There are currently 121 routes open in the airport.

The distance between Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport and the city center is about 10 kilometers. It takes 10 minutes by taxi. It costs around 1 or 2 yuan to reach an urban area on buses 516, 532, 701, 710 or 9.

Located in Jinzhou Bay, Dalian New Airport is currently under construction; it will be used by the biggest airliner, A380, nicknamed the "Airbus", for both its take off and landing purposes. This new airport began construction in 2008, and it is estimated the new airport’s first stage will be ready for its official opening in either 2013 or 2015.


Dalian Shahekou Railway Station is located in Huabei Road of Shahekou.

The Dalian New Railway Station is under construction. The railway will be built 2.8 kilometers away from the North of the Nanguanling Station, according to the plans and designs of the Harbin-Dalian passenger railway, Dalian New Railway Station, jointly funded by the Ministry of Railways, people’s governments of Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces. Adjacent to the Shenyang-Dalian Highway, the Dalian New Railway Station is 15 kilometers away from city center and development zones, and is 10 kilometers away from the Zhoushuizi International Airport.

In Dalian, freight stations include the Dalian North Station, the Dalian East Station, the Ganjingzi Station, the Jinzhou Marshalling Station, and the Nanguanling Marshalling Station. They are all first-class stations. The Jinzhou-Dayaowan Railway, which connects Jinzhou, the Dayao Bay, and Xingang, plays an important role in Dalian’s freight route.

Marine transportation

Transport in Dalian

Marine transportation in Dalian extends to all directions, and it connects with ports from more than 150 regions and countries. There are flights to Yantai, Weihai, Penglai in Shandong province, Xinggang in Tianjin, and Changhai County every day. High speed passenger ships from Dalian to Yantai and Changhai County have recently been opened, and there are scheduled liners from Dalian to Inchon Korea.

The Dalian passenger station is located in the north tip of the east side of town, and one can reach the town on buses 801, 13 or 11. With such a large area, there are public buses from the waiting lounge to the dock. It is essential to arrive at the lounge thirty minutes before departure.


The Shenyang-Dalian Highway, the first standard high-speed highway built across Liaodong Peninsula, closely connects Shenyang, Liaoyang, Anshan, Yingkou and Dalian. The Dandong Dalian highway directly links Dandong via Zhuanghe River. The Hegang-Dalian highway (State Road 201 to Hegang) in northeast and Heilongjiang-Dalian highway (State 202 to Heihe River) starts from Lvshun in Dalian. There are 5 main bus stations in Dalian.

Urban Transportation


Public transportation in Dalian is quite convenient, and travelling by bus is easy and affordable. There are hundreds and hundreds of bus routes, along which two of China’s only trams. The bus operates between 4.00 and 4.3 0 am, with its last services between 10.00 and 11.50 pm. The wait times for buses are between 3 and 8 minutes long, and 2 minutes during rush hours. There are two different routes for double-decker buses.

The buses use a self-service ticketing system, and fares costs one or two yuan.

Rail Transit

The two trams are Tram 201 and Tram 202. Tram 201 is one of the oldest trolley buses in China.

No 3 Fast-Track

The “Number 3” Fast Track has a total length of 49.15 kilometers with 11 platforms, designed in accordance to the internationally advanced fast-track standard. It begins from train station and ends at Jinshi Beach—that is, Jinshi Beach National Tourist and Holiday Resort—and passes through Xianglujiao, Jinjiajie Street, Quanshui, Houyan,Dalian Bay, Jinma Road, Development Zone, Bonded Area, Double-D Port, and Xiaoyao Bay, crossing through 20 bridges and one tunnel on the way.

The “Number 8” Fast Track, with a total length of 42.67 kilometers, is under construction, and it is expected to be completed by the end of 2010. It starts from High-tech Park, going through Software Park, Huangjichuan, Cherry Garden & Longwangtang Scenic Spot, University Town, Shuishiying, Lvshun Development Zone, Tieshan County and other key software gardens and tourist areas, and it ends in the new port of Lvshun Development Zone. The elevated lines and ground lines total 41.49 kilometers long, and 2 tunnels with 14 elevated stations are 1.18 kilometers long.


The “No. 1” Subway is under construction, and it starts from Hekou, passing through High-tech Park, Xueyuan Square, Heishijiao, Exhibition Center, Xi'an Road, Xinggong Street, Changchun Road, Dalian Train Station, Donggang Square, and ends in East Sea Park.

No 2 Subway is also under construction. Its starting point is Xi'an road, and the trains will pass through Malan Square, Hongqi West Road, Mingzhu Park, Airport, Industrial University, Gezhenbu, Sports Center,Nanguanling Train Station (Dalian New Station), Quanshui, Zhonghua Square, Qianshan Road, Chunguang Street, Dongwei Road, and Xianggong Street.


Taxis in the daytime in Dalian run between 5 am to 10 pm, with prices starting at 8 yuan for 3 kilometers, and an additional 2 yuan per kilometer. At night, between 10 pm and 5 am, prices start at 10.8 yuan for 3 kilometers, with an additional 2.34 yuan per kilometer. A blue overhead light atop a taxi roof signifies state-owned cabs, while a white one is for “collective” or jointly owned taxis, and a yellow one for privately-owned cabs.