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Shopping in Dalian
By Zhang Nan

Shopping in Dalian

Tianjin Street

Tianjin Pedestrian Street is the first place you should go in Dalian if you have the chance. Stretching from the railway station through the Victory Shopping Plaza to Renmin Street, it has developed into the biggest commercial center of Dalian.

Along the road you can see the welcoming hall of Victory Square, the financial center of Zhongshan Square and the recreation center of Friendship Square. The street is dotted with big and famous restaurants, one even one hundred-years-old. You can also find four-star hotels, movie theatres, karaoke bars, book stores,art and antiques stores--whatever you can think of.

If you are lucky enough to run into the Tianjin Street Food Festival, hundreds of snacks domestic and imported will be waiting there for you to eat.

Shopping Malls

Dalian has many foreign-invested top-notch shopping malls no less classic than those in Xidan Shopping Center in downtown Beijing. They include the Friendship Shopping Mall, Mykal Shopping Mall and Parkson Shopping Center. Now I will introduce them to you one by one.

The Friendship Shopping Mall is not the largest but is the most special one as a former shop only for foreigners. It has the richest variety of goods, global brands with high prices, of course.

The Japan-invested Mykal Shopping Mall, another high-end shopping paradise, has the largest scale from the basement to the sixth floor in the International Trade Plaza and boasts the finest infrastructure and inside finish. There are many delicate and stylish Japanese products as well as household appliances.

Parkson Shopping Center is a great place for bargain shopping. Aiming to occupy as much market as possible by selling large quantities with small margins, Parkson is the most welcoming shopping center for local Dalianers.


There are also household names of supermarkets such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Metro, Tesco, Trust-Mart and Beijing Hualian, just to name a few.

Other stores

Qiulin Store for women is a time-honored clothing store famous in Dalian, featuring local design and Korean-style clothes.

The state-run shop Dalian Tianbai is a good place to choose some clothes for your parents. The clothes designed for elderly people are of high quality, comfort and design.


Lastly, I’ll recommend some specialties you can take home as presents to relatives and friends. Dalian seafood products are famous for their flavor and include roasted fish fillet, dried shredded squid and many dried fish.

Soft-centered candy with red prawns, Jonathan apples, golden peaches, Dalian cherries, shell carving crafts, glassware and embroidery are also good choices for gifts.