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Jinzhou New Area puts 27 bn yuan into key projects
( Dalian News )

The city of Dalian's Jinzhou New Area, in Liaoning province, held a promotion activity in Shanghai to promote the city's four key projects, Dalian News has reported, with a total cost of 27 billion yuan ($4.3 billion).Site selection in the New Area has been completed and work on the layout has begun.

Motor Home Industry Park, one of the four projects, backed by the Zhangwo Group, at 19.5 billion yuan, will be a backbone of Dalian's Automobile Industry.

Another port, environmentally friendly, costing as much as one billion yuan for the first phase, will be built as a national demonstration project. There is also a Red Star Macalline project, with planned spending at 3.5 billion yuan, scheduled to begin construction in May and to go into operation in October.

A final project is for LIANDO headquarter and a complex, at three billion yuan, which will begin construction this year.

Edited by Zhao Qian and Roger Bradshaw