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Italians promote their fashion brands in Dalian
( Dalian News )

There was a delegation of officials from Italy's Marches Region visiting Dalian's Piemont Garment Cultural and Creative Industry Park, on Mar 4, Dalian News has reported.

The delegation explained that the Marches Region considers the cooperation with Dalian very important, and would like to promote more Italian brands in the city. The industrial park's Clothing R&D Center covers an 8,000-square-meter space, with the focus on R&D in Piemonte fashions and apparel. It makes an effort in added value and has given some motivation to the fashion industry in Lvshun and even Dalian. The industrial park was listed as one of the city's major projects last year.

The delegation also visited the Marches region's Dalian office and the brand exhibition center, on Monday, both of which opened last Sep 9.

A major part of the industrial park's first phase was finished by the end of November. Decoration work will continue in the first half of this year.

Edited by Zhao Qian and Roger Bradshaw