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Dalian Int'l Boat Show to unveil in June
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The 4th China Dalian International Boat Show will kick off at Xinghai Bay in Dalian, a coastal city of Northeast China's Liaoning province, June 16 to 19, 2011.

Apart from the yacht show which draws many world’s top-class luxury brands including Italy’s Azimut and Britain’s Princess, the boat show will hold a series of activities such as the forum on the development of yacht economy, travel sailing tours and yacht model contest.

The boat show will attract dealers from Spain and Dibai as well as domestic provinces and cities such as Shanghai, Hunan and Dalian. Companies providing supporting services to this field will also highlight the show this year.

China Dalian International Boat Show, dubbed as the premier yacht show on the sea in North China, wins great popularity among companies at home and abroad in the yacht industry.