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GE settle its capital service center in Dalian


After more than a year's field survey, GE Capital International Services—Asia Center (GECIS-ASIA) finally settled in Dalian Software Park. The center is GE Capital's largest outlet in China, with 1300 employees engaged in providing outsourcing services.

GE is one of the first global companies to engage in offshore services and the first company to set up the back-office service center Capital International Services (GECIS) in India eight years ago. Then three other back-office service centers were built by GE in Mexico, Hungary and China.

The responsibilities of the four centers are based on different regions. While the service center in India is responsible for the US, the service center in Mexico revolves around North America, and the service center in Hungary takes charge of Europe. The service center built in Dalian in 2000 mainly provides back-office service for GE's non-financial business in Japan, including data processing, financial transactions and IT service. That center has 1200 workers, 85% of whom are advanced English speakers with bachelor's degrees.

Outsourcing services are no longer treated merely as an instrument of lowering costs. GE sold 60% of the GECIS share to two venture investors in the US in November 2009 to expand its customers outside BPO area.