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Pikou Port Newly-set Berth Project


Industry: Construction industry

Contact: Qiao Guiyuan

Tel: 86-411-83403980

Brief Introduction: Pikou Port is located in the southeast of Liaodong Peninsula, 35 km away from Pulandian City on land, 110 km on land and 51 sea miles away from Dalian. Pikou Port is an integrated port specializing in passenger service, cargo and fishing deals.

The project is planned to include 6 new berths of 5000 tons, 2 berths of 10,000 tons, and 4 berths of 30,000 tons, occupying an area of 76 hectares on land. Eight 1000-ton-port berths will be built in the central part, with Tuogang Port covering an area of 20.8 hectares on land and filling an offshore shoal area of 31.45 square kilometers.

The project is an encouraged project in "Industry Catalogue of Foreign Investment" (2007 Revision), and foreign investors are encouraged to invest by way of joint ventures or cooperation.