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Dalian Bay Cross-Harbour Tunnel Project


Industry: Construction Industry

Contact: Zhang Ruixiang

Tel: 86-411-83780155

Brief Introduction: The Dalian Bay Cross-Harbour Tunnel Project can be divided into two parts: the main project and the municipal auxiliary project. The main project will be started by the Dalian International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group Co., Ltd., and the municipal auxiliary project will be undertaken by the municipal government, with direct investment from the municipal government.

The main project's construction scale: line length 8.8 km, of which 0.2 km is connected to the south shore, tunnel length 8.4 km (of which 1.70 km for tunnel on land, 3.7 km for cross-harbour tunnel, and 3km for land tunnel in north shore), 0.2 km connected to north shore; two shafts, one tunnel control station.

Municipal auxiliary project construction scale: length 1.95 km, connected to north shore, with two bridges, three Interchanges, two underground interchanges and one floor interchange.

Road grade: 6-lane Urban Expressway (the main tunnel is two-way double-hole); calculated running speed, 60 km/hr for main line.