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Dalian Fireworks Festival

The festival each year creates a holiday atmosphere. All citizens can take part in it, which promotes people’s creativity and enthusiasm.

Dalian Chinese Scholar Tree Blossom Affairs

Dalian often is called the “Eastern Scholar Trees City”. This festival began in 1989.

Dalian Import and Export Commodity Fair

This trade fair first was held in 1987. Since then, it has become an important forum to promote trade, foreign investments and partnerships for Northeastern China.

Dalian Sakura Blossom Affair

Every year, the affair has different themes emphasizing cultural communication, the participation of citizens and support of a harmonious society. It has been a favorite platform to showcase local culture.

Dalian Software Trading Affair

The annual Software Trading Affair promotes the development of software in Dalian.

China International Beer Festival

This festival begins each year on the last Thursday of July and lasts for 12 days. The first festival in Dalian was held in 2002. The festival has promoted tourism and also accelerated development of beer industries in China.

Dalian Beach Culture Festival

This festival fully utilizes the rich sea-travel resources in Dalian and shows the special grace of Dalian. The festival celebrates the sun, sand and sea, and has attracted international attention.

Dalian International Fashion Festival

The festival was born in 1988. Its goals are promoting the city’s garment culture, enriching people’s life, expanding international communication and accelerating economic development.

Dalian International Hiking Affair

Walking on foot is fashionable and great exercise. In Dalian, most residents participate in hiking, and this festival was created to celebrate that participation.

Dalian International Marathon Invitation Race

The race started in 1985. Through this platform, Dalian strengthens ties with other countries and promotes healthy lifestyles.

Cherry Festival

Some believe that Dalian’s cherries are second to none. In June each year, people of all ages gather to taste the city’s famous cherries.

Dalian Hot Spring and Skating Festival

This annual festival features outdoor ice skating contests and also promotes the city’s hot springs to warm up the travel market in cold winter months.

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