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IBM in Dalian


In 2003, IBM, the biggest IT enterprise in the world opened a joint development center in Dalian Software Park. IBM is the eighth Fortune 500 transnational corporation in Dalian Software Park after America’s General Electric, Accenture, Sony, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Toshiba and Nokia.

After ISSC (IBM Solutions and Services Co., Ltd.,) center in Shenzhen, its new Dalian center will be the company’s second computer software development center. It will be later developed to be its biggest software development center yet.

As IBM Application Management Services department of global implementation, ISSC is integrated with e-commerce, application management services and IT technologies to meet the clients’ changing demands. ISSC is the other global implementation department established by IBM after its success in IBM India Global Service. The application management services includes software design, development, maintenance and operation support. Founded in 2002, ISSC has inherited 4-year experience in software development from overseas companies.

Traditionally, Dalian has a wealth of experience working in cooperation with Japanese business. In addition to the support it receives from the government, Dalian has a pool of excellent talents, who are quite skillful in dealing with Japanese businesses. After establishing its branch in Dalian, ISSC hopes to take advantages of Dalian’s rich resources. It hopes to attract talents from not only from Northeast China but also the whole country into its software industry, using IBM technologies in Japanese companies.,. Relying on Dalian Software Park’s infrastructures and resources, ISSCC provides all-round application management services for IBM in Japan and other Japanese enterprises.

Jin Qinian, IBM China’s general manager of strategy and alliance said: "The tendency of demand for software management service in Asia-pacific region is prosperous. Apart from the international first-rate infrastructures, good humanistic environment, and its successful experience of cooperating with Japan, Dalian has formed a mature system of training and supplying professional software talents. The setting up ISSC branch in Dalian will have a positive impact on application software management services in the Asia-pacific region."

Mr. Jin also indicated that the establishment of ISSC branch in Dalian signifies an important step made by IBM in China. As a significant IT company, IBM will keep its promise to Chinese markets as always, by providing excellent customer service.. ISSC Dalian Branch will grow and develop with Dalian, to establish a positive image as an outstanding corporate citizen, by making its own contributions to the information industry, as well as the cultivation of information talents and economic development.